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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the ability to maintain and grow operations with the resources available (economic, human and environmental) now and in the future. Read more

What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is learning by doing. A small team works intensively to tackle a problem of real importance to the organisation. Read more

Who should participate?

Action Learning is relevant to all levels of the organisation from Senior Management to front line staff, and to all industry sectors including manufacturing, transport and logistics, health care and government services; any sector that aims to deliver value to end customers.

The Facilitator Action Learning Program

The objective of undertaking facilitator development is for regional clusters to become self sufficient with respect to facilitation. This is achieved over two to three rounds of action learning programs in the region.

Facilitators come from participating companies and/or local training/consulting organisations

Facilitators are selected on the basis of their experience in:

  • Developing and implementing competitive systems and practices or sustainable operations in organisations
  • Facilitating learning programs

A OneSteel Team storyboarding improvement options

Each new facilitator will first participate in an action learning program involving three projects, working with an experienced action learning facilitator/assessor
A work activity cluster strategy will be used.

Certificate IV TAE units of competency will be clustered to correspond with specific work activities associated with delivering the three projects to be undertaken. Units and elements of units will be grouped in order to achieve the outcomes required. This will involve bringing together elements from different units at each stage of the program, relevant to the activities required at each stage.
Training will principally be on-the-job supplemented with some off-the-job class work.

The candidate will be involved in all phases of the planning, delivery and assessment of the action learning program.
In the first two projects they will assist the lead facilitator.

To complete the demonstration of their competency they will then plan, deliver and assess the third project, with the lead facilitator acting as mentor, participating remotely via Skype, Facetime or similar technology where the program is conducted remotely.

Steve Godson of Carl Zeiss Vision
presenting a new warehouse layout

The Facilitator Action Learning program provides pathways to AQF qualification:

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110