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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the ability to maintain and grow operations with the resources available (economic, human and environmental) now and in the future. Read more

What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is learning by doing. A small team works intensively to tackle a problem of real importance to the organisation. Read more

Who should participate?

Action Learning is relevant to all levels of the organisation from Senior Management to front line staff, and to all industry sectors including manufacturing, transport and logistics, health care and government services; any sector that aims to deliver value to end customers.

The Sustainable Action Learning Program

Building upon the successful Lean Action Learning program, Sustainable Action Learning applies the principles of sustainability across the operation, considering the three pillars of People, Planet and Profits.

A OneSteel Team storyboarding improvement options

Participants learn by tackling real projects. Each project is hosted by a company with a pressing need to improve some aspect of sustainability eg. supply chain security, energy use, skills shortage. A small team is formed with one or two people from the host company plus participants from external companies to provide fresh eyes to the problem.

The team works intensively together for one day a week over five weeks, understanding and analysing the present situation and applying sustainable design thinking to develop improvement options. On the afternoon of the fifth day the team present their findings and recommendations to the host company senior management.

Each project has its own particular focus. Video case studies are used to disseminate the learnings. Collectively the case studies demonstrate how sustainable principles can be applied across the whole operation. They make excellent "selling tools" for those wishing to promote sustainability within their organisations.

Steve Godson of Carl Zeiss Vision
presenting a new warehouse layout

The Sustainable Action Learning program provides pathways to AQF qualifications:

Certificate IV in Sustainable Operations MSS40111