What is Action Learning?

Action learning is a process in which a group of people comes together to focus on a collective project. The aim of the project is to introduce an organizational or operational change, and to use the intended change as a vehicle for learning through experimentation, measurement and reflection on outcomes. The team members draw collective learning from the collective experience.

Action learning broadens the experience of the participants, exposing them to different industries and different practices. It encourages them to challenge existing practices in their own organization and to do things differently. This learning may be a direct result of the action learning project or it could be incidental learning from things observed in the course of the project.

Participants typically come from different situations where they are involved in different activities and face individual problems. This diversity enriches the learning process.

The group tackles a problem that is of vital concern to one participant's company. Although the problem is specific to one company, it is selected to have some relevance to the other participants.

Action learning is increasingly preferred as an option to conventional coursework, seminars and workshops because: