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What is Lean?

Lean is the continuous quest to maximimse value creation and eliminate waste in supply chains and business processes. Read more

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the ability to maintain and grow operations with the resources available (economic, human and environmental) now and in the future. Read more

What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is learning by doing. A small team works intensively to tackle a problem of real importance to the organisation. Read more

Who should participate?

Action Learning is relevant to all levels of the organisation from Senior Management to front line staff, and to all industry sectors including manufacturing, transport and logistics, health care and government services; any sector that aims to deliver value to end customers.

Welcome to the Action Learning Institute

The Action Learning Institute is a Registered Training Organisation under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011. Our aim is to promote innovation and collaboration by facilitating “learning through interaction”.

If you have experienced action learning before, you will know that it is unlike the type of teaching you received at school. Action learning is learning by doing rather than through conventional lectures and written examination.

Lean Action Learning
Lean Action Learning was first initiated in 2006 by the Government of South Australia in response to a need identified by the SA Warehouse Best Practice Group.

A OneSteel Team storyboarding improvement options

This innovative training program promotes the application of lean principles across the entire supply chain, from raw material supply to end consumer read more

The program is unique in its colaborative structure and provides a pathway to AQF qualifications in Competitive Systems and Practices for participants achieving competency against identified Units of Competency from the Sustainability Training Package (MSS11)

Building upon the successful Lean Action Learning model, we have developed two more unique action learning programs:

Sustainable Action Learning
Applying the principles of sustainability across an operation, Sustainability Action Learning uses the action learning model within collaborative team-based projects and provides a pathway to AQF qualification Certificate IV in Sustainable Operations read more

Facilitator Action Learning
This action learning program is run concurrently with a Lean Action Learning program or Sustainability Action Learning program. The objective of our Facilitator Action Learning program is to develop self-sufficiency within organisations and regions read more

Participants learn by tackling real projects
Each project is hosted by a company with a pressing need to improve or achieve sustainability. A small team is formed with one or two people from the host company plus participants from external companies to provide fresh eyes to the problem.

For the host company the benefits are practical, costed recommendations which can be implemented to improve productivity and sustainability.

Steve Godson of Carl Zeiss Vision
presenting a new warehouse layout

For the external companies the program affords the opportunity to broaden the experience of key employees by giving them exposure to other industries and other ways of doing things. Once their eyes are opened, these participants find that the principles they have learnt can be readily applied back in their own workplaces.

For both the host and external companies, the action learning format is ideal for assessing the promotion potential of key people in the organisation; people who might be bored with conventional training programs. In this program, such people have the opportunity to really shine.